Phototherapy & Photobiomodulation Devices

3 Series Neolux

The Comfortable Two Door Space-Efficient Phototherapy Cabinet in it's Class.

Combining industry-leading technology with modern sophistication, the NeoLux has all the features a modern office is looking for. From multi-machine setup and customizable lamp configurations to advanced safety features, the NeoLux packs a powerful phototherapy punch in a small footprint.

• An open top and spacious interior will comfort claustrophobic patients. The interior is large enough to accommodate a wheel chair.

• Large interior handle-grips enhance patient safety and stability.

• UV-transmitting lamp shields keep dust and debris from accumulating and prevent patients from coming in contact with the lamps – and, they enhance lamp life by optimizing the system’s operating temperature.

• Daavlin’s ClearLink™ touch-screen controller is easy to navigate and ensures that each treatment is delivered safely and effectively.


Height: 84” (213 cm)
Width (doors closed): 41” (104 cm)
Width (doors open): 53” (135 cm)
Height: (NeoLux+) 94” (239 cm)
Depth (doors closed): 40” (102 cm)
Depth (doors open): 50” (127 cm)