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Established in 1984, The Innomed Group has been a leading regional distributor of medical & aesthetic equipment and cosmetic products.

Innomed offers a wide range of technologically advanced lasers, pulsed-light, radiofrequency, acoustic waves, skin analysis & imaging, weight-management, rehabilitation and holistic exercise systems and professional skin care products.

Premier brands distributed by the group include Canfield Imaging, Daavlin, Ellman, Lasering, Marena, and Storz Medical.

We Always Try To Bring The Best Products For You

Innomed takes pride in promoting evidence-based products that provide innovative and effective solutions along with a high level of comfort, safety, efficacy, speed, ease-of-use and reliability. These devices and products give physicians and other practitioners numerous treatment options to enhance their practices.

Backed by a team of dedicated sales, technical and customer support staff, Innomed is committed to on time delivery of quality products and services to all customers, driven by continual improvement to meet total customer satisfaction.

Since February 2010

Innomed Pte Ltd has been accredited with the ISO 9001:2008 Certification for operating an effective quality management system as well as the HSA TS-01: Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices

Certification for operating a good distribution practice in Singapore.

Headquartered in Singapore, Innomed's areas of activities include Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.


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Our Mission

To support medical and aesthetic professionals with innovative and clinically proven equipment and products which are used in the treatment of patients with various medical and cosmetic needs.

Our Vision

To be the preferred partner among equipment manufacturers, medical professionals and aesthetic practitioners engaged in the anti-ageing industry in the East Asia region.

Our Core Values

The Company is guided by the values of innovation, quality, responsibility and excellence, as defined in the statements below, in the way it conducts its business practices.


Always on the look-out for cutting-edge technologies, whenever appropriate, to introduce to the marketplace for the enhancement of medical and aesthetic practices.


A commitment towards on time delivery of quality products and services to all customers, driven by continual improvement to meet total customer satisfaction.


Ensuring that the products we introduce to the market are safe, in compliance with all regulatory conditions and duly supported with relevant clinical studies.


To continuously improve on the efficiency of our operational processes so as to achieve administrative simplicity, procedural consistency and overall cost effectiveness.

Check our our latest Happenings
Check our our latest Happenings

"Dermatoscopes are an essential workhorse for any dermatologist in analysing the primary morphology and colour of microscopic subsurface skin structures that are not readily visible to the naked eye. "

Get Ready for the Next Generation of Dermatoscopes

"In this article, Dr Nikolaos Barotsis treated a 55-year old lady who was suffering from lateral elbow pain when lifting or grasping heavy objects for several months. On clinical examination she presented typical signs of lateral epicondylitis of the elbow. The ultrasound examination revealed diffuse hypoechogenicity and thickening of the CET at its origin, the presence of an osteophyte and small intratendinous tears (fissures)."

Shockwave Therapy of Degenerative Tendinopathy with Intratendinous Tears

"A study completed at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX, studied the differences between two groups of patients receiving phototherapy treatment for their vitiligo: One group received their treatments in-office while the other group received their treatments at home."

Safe & Effective, Vitiligo can be Treated with NB UVB at Home