EVA SP®2 is composed by a control box regulating the compressed air supply to the Lipomatic® which allows the Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture® and a high speed aspirator. EVA SP®2 was designed for doctors who wants to work with their own infiltration system.

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System Composition

  • Lipomatic®3 or Lipomatic®4 Handpiece

  • EVA sp®2 Control Box

  • High-Speed Aspirator

  • Complete Set Of Cannulas

  • Accessories


  • Shorter operative time and shorter post-operative recovery.

  • Less tiring and more precise work.

  • Treatment of all the zones of the body.

  • Reduction of the pain.

  • Reduction of the complications occurring with other techniques (manual or assisted).


  • Infiltration Cannulas

  • Aspiration Cannulas

  • Air Tubings

  • Fat Tubings

  • 3L Canisters

  • Canister Jars

  • Pedals

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