EnerJet 2.0

Jet Technology for True Tissue Remodelling using High Pressure Needleless Injection

The EnerJet 2.0 is the only energy-based, platform device of its kind that uses a proprietary kinetic injection to treat typically hard to treat skin indications. A new standard in effective skin remodelling for scientifically proven collagen, neo-genesis, dermatology and cosmetic practices will find the EnerJet 2.0 a welcoming addition.

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Enhanced Patient Comfort

The EnerJet treatment is much less uncomfortable than needle injections and can be performed in very sensitive areas like palms and feet.

Delivers Healing Compounds

The pneumatic-powered EnerJet delivers enhancing agents through a 200 micron controlled blast – covering 100 times the area of one 32G needle’s entry point – making it one of the best hyaluronic acid delivery systems for treating aged, wrinkled skin.

Little to No Downtime

Unlike other conventional treatment methods where thermal or tissue damage is introduced, the EnerJet 2.0 introduces microtrauma using kinetic energy. As a result, patients experience maximum effect with minimum downtime.

Phenomenal Results

Unparalleled results achieved using the EnerJet that would have otherwise been impossible with needle injections or other existing tissue remodelling devices. Doctors feedback that the results from EnerJet treatments are long-term and lasting.

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